Velomobile from Poland

We have found some pictures of new velomobile which is developed by Maciej Kaczmarek from Poland. Maciej has already have some experiences with recumbents and recumbent fairings mostly from composites, so it is not that big surprise that he is working on velomobile. This one seems to be at least in two prototypes with pretty nice design, specific place for front and rear lights as same as side lights. The interesting thing is that the red unit has a steering wheel instead of bars. We will see, how the development will continue and how the production will look. Also the final price will be important, of course.

Original polish internet page which informs about the new project
Original gallery with even more pictures

Where you can continue:

- Amphibian velomobile
- Russian velomobile homebuildres
- Vaniczka home made streamliner
- Recumbent trike fairing

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2 Responses

  1. Mikael says:

    Steering wheels with a halfcircle brakehandle is a specialty of his, I think.

    Couple of earlier models here. Trike and a side by side quad.

  2. Libby says:

    The accident of finding this post has brignhteed my day

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