Vaniczka streamilner

In the post about the K24 race in the Czech Republic you could read about a home made streamliner built by Nink. In the following gallery you can see couple of pictures of this unique and nice bike. Couple of points are really interesting. The front part shape is made from plastic children bath. The bike is equiped with side light as same as extremely strong front and rear LED lights. The sight light you can see next to the mirror and its controllers are mounted on the bars. The bike also has a “pee system”, because it is not easy to get on and get off and during such race you have to save as much energy as possible. The little tube going outside the shell just above the rear wheel is part of this system as same as the black bowl inside the bike.

The builder of this bike and many other is an aviation engineer so he has close relationship with aerodynamics and speed. His next project should be a fully faired carbon fibre recumbent.

Where you can continue:
- 24 hours race in the Czech Republic

- Recumbent trike fairing

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1 Response

  1. piet gevens says:

    Very nice fairing!
    What foam did you use?
    Pleas send building instructions and details.

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