Streemliner evolution

We have found a beautiful video about how the french streemliner has been born. We like the video a lot. Unfornatenuly nobody can speak French so we do not have more info about the project. If somebody can translate, please write more info into comments.

There are also other nice videos on youtube.

More info (only in french) here.

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2 Responses

  1. marc says:


    this is a project from the technical university of Annecy. The bike is based on a Toxy ZR slightly modified to increase its wheel base and accomodate large chainrings. The shell was developped in collaboration with local experts in flow modelling and testing. Mavic R&D department is also involved in the project. Pilots include both students with strong cycling background and amateur recumbent cyclists such as Barbara Buatois, ex woman HPV world champion.
    Futur plans include new improved shape for the shell with bike integrated in it. This new streamliner might take part in the battle mountain event in 2009. At least that what I know for now.

  2. marc says:

    oh and since I’m there you might be interested in looking at this ne brand of recumbent from France

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