Recumbent trike fairing


We have found quite nice recumbent trike fairing and tailbox. It seems that it is some kind of student design project and unfornatenuly thanks to language which is not understandable for us, we cannot provide you with more information. The blog of the designer is here, but… If you are the designer, please add some comment about your project. Thanks!

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3 Responses

  1. I don’t know exactly about that fairing & tailbox
    But these fairins were made by a university student who study about car-design.

    I listen It’s only for graudate project.
    Basic trike is Tw-bent’s

    This student isn’t not working for the Recumbent manufacture
    This student isn’t not riding for the Recumbent club.
    I listen It’s only for graudate project.

    I know all about bent rider in South Korea. but I never see him.
    Master of RecumbentKorea.lnc

    Please introduce my club & blog. :-)

    E-mail :
    blog :
    club :

  2. http//

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