Recumbent dealers around the world 2.

Here is the next batch of recumbent dealers. Today we will introduce you some Scandinavian dealers and some other from rest of  Europe.

DANMARK – There are not many recumbent dealers in this country which we can call “bicycle country”. As many of you knows it is a home of Leitra – very interesting trike/velomobile. We have chosen a Cykel-Optimisten. They have quite nice web page with quite some explanations (we could see some pictures, but did not understand anything).


FINNLAND – Keijo Kansonen, the owner of Sähköpyörät, is  pretty funny guy with big knowladges about recumbents and also cruisers. His bussiness is quite wide and he is dealing not only with recumbents and trikes, but also with Yerba Mate and some kind of wind mills. His shop is located in Helsinki in huge building with many other companies in third or fourth floor and you will feel a little bit lost there, among all those bikes, but we think you will like it afterward.


ENGLAND - One of the most known shops there is London Recumbents as same as Bikefix. Both located in London. They offer wide range of recumbents, trikes and also some cargo bikes and both have nice web pages with a lot of informations.


SCOTLAND - Some of you may not like me if I divide the UK into England and Scotland. But these two parts are so far from each other that it is good to point at Laid Back based in Edinburgh. Till now they sell only recumbents but they already think about trikes as well. They cooperate with The Bicycle Works shop so it is better to call to Laid Back before you want to visit them. It seems that there is also connection between them and Ligfietswinkel in Amsterdam which we mention last time.


SWITZERLAND - Swiss recumbent market is a little bit complicated thanks to duties and other problems around that. Many swiss people buy their recumbents aborad either in Germany or France. But they have some nice shops. Especialy the one in Aarau is specialized in many outdoor sports and is located in building with three floors with lot of stuff inside. We really like it. And the name? Unterwegs.


Next time we will finally show you some very interesting web pages with crazy languages like korean or japanese.

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