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Have you ever think about where ever you can buy a recumbent from a dealer? Have you tried to search for some recumbent web pages in languages which are completely not understandable for you? And have you ever think about all the world countries where there is at least one recumbent?

We would like to introduce you first couple of recumbent shops in different countries and we would like to hear from you about other countries and their shops and also about all the countries where there is at least one recumbent.

Would be nice to see the list.

GERMANY- There are many dealers and some of them have really nice shops and also nice web pages. Some are specialists only in recumbents and trikes and some have their normal bicycle shops with some recumbents in their offer. We suppose that in Germany there are about 30 shops where you can buy recumbents and about 10 of them are really good. We have chosen Radieschen and Co. from Freiburg from south-west of Germany. This shop is located in beautiful part of the town with limited car traffic and many bikes around. They upgraded their web page some months ago. You may also know them as a German distributor of Catrike.


NETHERLANDS – This flat country is known for high number of recumbent riders and also for many recumbent producers. Nobody cannot be surprised to hear that there are also many recumbent dealers. In the capital Amsterdam, there is one called Ligfietswinkel which is not large shop but one which is overcrovded by bikes and trikes. In the corner you can find also two or three velomobiles. They have almost everything for test and good customer service.


BELGIUM – Just next to Netherlands there is Belgium. But there are not real recumbent producers (at least what we know) and only few recumbent shops are there. The biggest with two branches is located originaly in Gent but with good shop in the middle of Antwerps. There they sell quite a lot of Bromptons and some other folders but the main part of the shop is full of recumbents.


FRANCE – We can see that the recumbent market has beenĀ  growing there a lot in last two or three years and now you can find there at least 10 recumbent dealers. Unfornatenuly there are not many of them with nice looking web pages so we have chosen one of the newest shop there in Lyon. The interesting point is that the owner, salesman and bike mechanic in one person is surprisingly woman. We introduce you Cyclociel.


SPAIN – Spain is a new recumbent market with only one good recumbent dealer which is specialist only in recumbents. 3ike has a name which belongs to trike but they focus both on trikes and recumbents. From our post you can see that the new dealers have usualy much better web pages than the other. They probably know better that the internet is one of the most important communication channel between them and the customer. We like the a lot even we cannot understand a single word.


AUSTRIA – If we know it correctly, there are only two or three recumbent dealers. One of them is Bike Revolution which is known mainly as a producer of Stein trikes. You can find him in a village close to Vienna in a small wooden building next to his family house. The scale of bikes he has there is impresive incl. Velokraft, AZUB and of course the full range of Stein trikes.


This little list of european recumbent shops is all for now. You can look forward to next post with much more interesting shops and web pages from east and north Europe and Asia. On the other hand we look forward to your recommandations.

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