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fietser main page

fietser main page

When you look around some web pages of different recumbent manufacturers you realize, that many of them simply do not know what a good web page should contain. What are you looking for, when you search for a new recumbent? Are that the technical details. Or are you looking mainly for pictures of technical details?

One web page where we have been missing good pictures for a long time was the

But they made step ahead and prepared beautiful, although simple, web gallery of many of their WAWs, Brieses, Bakmobiles etc. And you can find there also some pictures from different bicycle events.

And why such gallery is so important? If you are one of those happy owners of WAW or Bries or even some other velomobile, you can see there many customizations of other owners, and if you are looking for one velomobile (probably more of you), you can see the WAW from many views which is pretty important. IsnĀ“t it?

And for those who are just interested in fast fully covered trikes, I recommend to see at least galleries of WAW no. 8, 26, 27, 43, 47 and if you want also sad end of WAW no. 18. The right link is fietser gallery

fietser gallery

fietser gallery

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