Italian velomobile from Leonardo Leuci

This is not a concept, not a picture made in Photoshop. This is a real working pedal vehicle. A red velomobile built in Italy around a steel construction with 700c wheels. An amazing machine with aggressive design which would masses like. Simply something the velomobile world needs.

It is hard to find more information about this velomobile on internet. I mean more information about properties, advantages and disadvantages, turning radius, weigh, etc. etc. All those things we would like to know, but anyway, nice bike!

A bit more info and more pictures here.

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4 Responses

  1. Karel says:

    Hi, It looks like a Trike Ferrari :-)

  2. Fabri says:

    Here is he website
    I will chek the availability. Thank you!

  3. Fabri says:

    This was a prototype 100% handmade. But they are going to design and produce another sleek velomobile!

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