Human Powered Aircraft book

human powered aircraft book

There has appeared a new very interesting and comprehensive book about HPAs (Human Powered Aircraft) and all the different attempts to build some. Unfonatenully it is only in czech language written by very good czech cycling writter Ivo Hrubíšek. The name of the book is “Nebeští cyklisté” what means “Sky cyclists” and it is full of pictures and scatches. It is available here, if you would be interested.

There are quite some informations on internet about flying just by using human power. You should not miss the Wikipedia page but very interesting is also a project of canadian students with flapping-wing aircraft (ornithroper). You can find their great web page here and a video from the first flight hereunder. Also Greg Kolodziejzyk wanted to build HPA, but the project has been most probably canceled.

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