Graeme Obree will not race in the Battle Mountain

It is said to hear Graeme will not attend in the Battle Mountain this year. According to the article on Humans Invent, he has some troubles with producing the fairing of his streamliner and he plans to try to to break the speed record in UK in next comming months. Every time you read about him and the development of his bike, you find a new very interesting pictures. And it is the same this time too. I recommend to read the whole story here:!/8856/obree-set-for-land-speed-record-attempt-in-great-britain/

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  1. September 10, 2012

    […] Mountain starts today and the first piece of news is that Graeme Obree will not be competing.  As Recumbent Gallery reported late last week, there are still some outstanding issues with the fairing for Beastie so Mr Obree is […]

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