Czech Annual Recumbent Meeting 2008

There was a recumbent meeting in teh Czech Republic in town Hodonin from September 11th till 14th. There were around 140 participants and about 100 recumbents what shows that about 40 people uses upright (upwrong) bicycles or lend some other recumbents or trikes from friends.About 50% of recumbents were homebuilds and the rest wasmostly AZUB brand or some other like Velokraft of Lightning. Also some trikes has appeared and three velomobiles.

On Thursday all the people did a trip aroun 110 km to the borders with Austria. On Friday only a short trip was done and than there were races in 2km sprint and also a trike races. As seen mostly Greenspeed were used, what is not that big surprise, because for Europe they are assembled in the Czech Republic in AZUB company. From pictures which we got from our friend, you can see that they had also some tough times and also velomobiles had two go over some ligh terrain. On the other side to see women racing on trikes is really nice.

On Saturday the participants went tovisit some villages under the Carpatian mountains and later in the evening they spent some beautiful time in wine cellar close to their base camp in Dubnany.

The Czech meeting seems to grow each year about 30% so we are expected how it will look next year.

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  1. Carlye says:

    It’s really great that people are sharing this inofmatrion.

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