Cycling to South Pole on a recumbent trike from ICE

polar trike riding to South Pole
2013 was a great year for women on recumbents. Maria Parker won the Race Across America on her Cruzbike Vendeta FWD recumbent and another Maria, this time with surname Leijerstam,  is the first person on the world who cycled from the edge of Antarctic continent to South Pole. And she did it on specially made recumbent trike. Her extreme machine was built by ICE trikes and it has all three 26″ wheels with fat tyres from Surly. You can read more about the bike on ICE blog and more about her progress on her web here:

She managed to cycle over 600 km in 10 days 14 hours and 56 minutes cycling around 40 to 60 km a day. An amazing effort and challenge. Congratulation!

The White ICE Cycle 3

Here, two quite an interesting videos.

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