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Eiviestretto – one hour record bike

Bentrideronline has posted a message about one hour speed record of 91,556 km. The rider was Francesco Russo from Swiss and his bike Eiviestretto. The machine itself is pretty interesting as it was built...

Interesting off-road recumbent video 2

Interesting off-road recumbent video

There are hundreds of recumbent videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and on all other servers. But this one about recumbent off-road ride is interesting because of the way how it was taken. It was...

The rear part of czech amphibian velomobile which is probably the nicest amphibian human powered vehicle I have ever seen 18

Amphibian velomobile from Czech Republic

This vehicle is absolute surprise. Can you imagine amphibian velomobile? I have seen some amphibian bikes usualy with ugly look but this machine is so nice! It is a homebuilt velomobile with linear pedaling,...