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unknown-historical-recumbent-trike 1

very old recumbent trike

I have found this picture of a very old recumbent trike on the blog called: Tricycle Fetish Blog. It is not a blog about trikes as we know them (or better, which are so...

Ukrainean recumbent meeting 2

Ukrainean recumbent meeting

This post is little bit out to date, but I still think it is pretty interesting. First Ukrainean Recumbent Meeting was organised at the end of September 2010. In the video you can see...

cabbike-velomobile-3 3

New Cab-bike velomobile

Few posts ago, we have mentioned a polish velomobile. Finally the story is a little bit different, because Maciej Kaczmarek from Poland seems to be only a maker and the velomobile is a new...