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Duo Quest velomobile

The duo quest from was one of the most interesting machines on SPEZI. We come with couple more pictures of this unique velomobile. To answer some possible questions: The huge hole behind the...

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Tilting trike popularity

Trikes are getting more and more popular. While some producers are introducing full suspended models, others are trying themselves in a new field of tilting trikes. I personally do not see a lot of...

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SPEZI gallery

It has been already quite some time since our last post and since SPEZI show in Germersheim. In next few days you can read here some pretty interesting reviews of new slovenian e-Hub and...

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Greenspeed Glyde website and review

This is pretty simple and short message. Greenspeed has introduced their new website about Greenspeed Glyde velomobile. Well, we can name it as a microsite because it has different layout than the original Greenspeed...

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Couch bike for two

These couple of pictures probably doesn´t need any comment. Just to inform you. This beautiful and very comfortable bike is from UK and the picture was taken during the Get Cycling Show.

SPEZI 2003 – photo gallery 0

SPEZI 2003 – photo gallery

Here is one of the first set of recumbent pictures which we made in 2003 in Germersheim (D). You can see mainly recumbents made by homebuilders, but also few production recumbents from different brands....