Ben Godall announced participating in Battle Mountain 2012


Ben Godall of australian Trisled trikes and velomobiles has announced on his Facebook page he plan to fight in the World Human Powered Speed Championships in Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA in autumn 2012. Here is what he writes there just yeasterday:
“Ever since I was a boy I have loved going fast, especially under my own steam in a human powdered vehicle! I’ve always loved exploring this limit and there has always been little voice in my head asking “how fast can you go Ben?”

Half a lifetime of experiences, relationships and building my business of building HPV’s for others have prevented me from answering this question. Until now!
I’ve decided to spend most of my free time and funds in 2012 training and custom building a Speed bike HPV to enter the World Human Powered Speed Championships in Nerada desert USA.

I’m not treating this as a land speed record attempt, but rather a well being exercise. To achieve my highest speed I’ll need to tap into all the knowledge and resources of my community, all of my experience of HPV building and prepare both my body and mind.
I don’t think I can set a new land speed record and simply aim to be within reach of the elite few…But who knows! All I do know is I’ve got to have a go at this before I get to old :-)”

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1 Response

  1. andri_ch says:

    Congratulations for this decision and I’m looking forward for this Battle Mountain competition!

    Good luck!

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