AZUB trike projects

Here is a press release from AZUB BIKE introducing their new AZUB trike which will be launched in 2010.

Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic, November 25th – press release

Since 2000 AZUB has been developing only recumbent bikes and as a brand it is pretty well known as a producer of durable recumbents which are ready for use in the most difficult conditions which can appear not only on expeditions around the world but also in the city while commuting.

In spring 2009 we started to develop a trike which would fit into our line of recumbents and which would offer all the advantages as our other bikes, like the IPS – Ideal Position System, durability, good design and perfect ergonomy.

At the moment we are working on two different trike projects which we suppose to introduce during the year 2010 when AZUB will celebrate 10 years of recumbent experience. The first one should fit into our ECO line of basic recumbents with affordable price, good quality components and good comfort. We suppose a price around 1700 EUR.

Second project will probably appear later in production, and will fit among our high level bikes like AZUB MAX. Not all features are decided, couple of solutions are still under development, but we are pretty sure that the trike will have unusual system of folding and many other clever features.

This trike project has been developed in cooperation with Technical University in Brno, Czech Republic, with use of the high end computer technologies.

We are very happy that one of the prototypes has already survived a hard test during 8 weeks long expedition around Iceland and western part of Europe. Our friend and actualy also a test rider Brona Nagel (64) cycled over 6000 km during this period and he came back with a fully functional trike and with many ideas how to improve it. At the moment we are working with him to change his ideas into reality and to introduce a perfect trike.

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