Honza Galla - author of recumbent-gallery.eu Recumbent-gallery.eu has been existing since 2007 and there was no note about the author of all the posts for quite a long time. It changed at the beginning of 2014 when I introduced myself.

My name is Honza Galla and I have been riding recumbents since 2003 and I used different type of them include a Fieteser WAW (no. 008) velomobile over the time. I have test riden far more of them.

I use recumbents mainly for commuting couple of days a week  with one way distance of 22 km and I ride them during my expeditions as well.  I have riden an AZUB Twin tandem from Czech to Romania, in Greece and from Slovakia to Criema peninsula (Ukraine) with my wife Eliska and we have been in Albania, Kosova, Montenegro with single recumbents as well as in Indian Himalayas. I also organised the Nordkapp-Gibraltar non-stop ride, back in 2007. My last expedition was a race of solar bikes going from France to Kazakhstan were we finnished fourth with my team mate Karel.

honza galla and eliska gallova in indian himalayas with their recumbents
I am lucky because my hobby became my work and I work for AZUB BIKE, a recumbent company based in the Czech Republic. This might look like a disadvantage for writing such a blog and my posts can be considered as a promotion of the brand or demaging name of others, but I see it as a big advantage as I live in the recumbent world on a daily basis, I travel around recumbent dealers (I have visited about 70 of them in EU and USA which is probably a record :) and I also visit most of the important shows like SPEZI, Recumbent Cycle Con or Eurobike.

My goal is to focus on news and different interesting things from the amazing recumbent world which are not published in other recumbent medias. There are so many of them hidden in the internet universe or even unpublished and I have been surprised I cannot find them on pages like bentrideronline.com, recumbentjournal.com or recumbentblog.com (this was the best recumbent web page in my eyes with many posts every week). I would also like to bring you my own experiences and solutions to different recumbent related problems. I hope this will lead to more people discovering the great world of recumbents which I love so much!

Contact: info@recumbent-gallery.eu

Keep recumbenting!