5th recumbent meeting in Slovenia

Hello All!

This year I am organising a 5th recumbent meeting in Slovenia that will be held in Moravske Toplice. It will be different than all the meetings before as we will be stationary on one location for three days. And the location is Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice – http://www.sava-hotels-resorts.com/si/destinacije/moravske/

Meeting date: 15.9.-18.9.2011

Whole families are invited as there are lots of swimming pools and slides to play around all day – for those who will not cycle, that is ;)

Accomodation possibilities:

tent in a camp: 14,40€/person per day, all day swimming included, without sauna (+6€ for breakfast and +7,50€ for dinner)

bungalows / cottages 3*: 30€/person in a double bed bungalow including selfs ervice breakfast and dinner, includes all day swimming

hotel Termal 4*: 44€/person in a double bed room, includes breakfast and supper with unlimited swimming pools usage and sauna world!

Kids up to 6years stay free of charge, up to 12 years 50% discount, and up to 15 years 30% discount.

I will prepair three long daily tours for three geographical areas: Goričko, Prlekija, Prekmurje and one night cycling tour for fun :) I am counting on better weather than last year, but just in case we have swimming pools inside and outside to get really wet in case of bad weather :) More information follows, this is just to inform you that something interesting is beeing planned for September 2011 in Slovenia! So reserve the third weekend of September for family vacation in Slovenia!

Hope to see you here!

Best regards,
Peter Osterversnik

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